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Digitally Taught Pilates Reformer Sessions are Offered at Participating Locations*

Reformer Pilates*

No matter your age, lifestyle, or fitness level, Red Light Method offers personalized digital Pilates Reformer classes led by the renowned Pilates instructor, Allison Beardsley, Reformer Classes are only offered at participating Red Light Method locations.* The Red Light Method magic happens with our medical-grade body contouring treatment is followed by the Power Plate Class; Pilates Reformer classes are not necessary for your success, but are the cherry on top for participating locations. These digitally taught sessions not only deliver a comprehensive full- body workout experience without discomfort but also sculpt and energize your body, leaving you feeling fantastic; whether your local studio offers reformer Pilates or not you are in good shape, because the Red Lights and Power Plate all have the \ essence of Pilates in them. At participating locations, When Pilates Reformer is combined with red light therapy and Power Plate, we add to your fitness and promote cellular health. After your Red Light Treatment and Power Plate experience, top off your visit at Red Light Method with an invigorating Pilates reformer session at participating locations.