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Red Light Method-TM-logo is like a massage, a facial, body contouring, & a power plate & pilates reformer class all in an hour...
Be in the Best Shape of Your Life;
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The Light Transforms Your Life

The Treatment

Our Primary Offering.
These Red Light Treatments are typically $200+ for one 25-Minute Treatment.

Step One at Red Light Method: Experience a 25-minute session of Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatment in our spa treatment room. Clinically proven for inch loss, skin rejuvenation, reduced pain, and increased blood flow, this treatment invites you to step into the light and transform your life. Our method offers the only medical-grade FDA-cleared and proven body contouring wrap treatment with every appointment. Utilizing the only Proven Red Light Therapy Wrap System in the world, we bring these transformative treatments to you. Typically priced at $200+ per a 25-minute session in a medical or med-spa setting, Red Light Method is the first Boutique Fitness Spa to offer these rejuvenating treatments at such affordable rates. Join us for Group Power Plate Classes and Red Light Therapy for the most affordable rate possible. Embrace a younger, revitalized you at Red Light Method, where you can look and feel your absolute best. Reformer Pilates Classes are also offered at participating locations.*

The Power Plate Class

Our Secondary Required Offering. Whole Body Vibration for at Least 10-Minutes is Mandatory After Each Treatment.

Step Two: Following your medical grade treatment, which is our primary offering at Red Light Method; you can enjoy a dynamic 25-minute invigorating guided Power Plate Class (at Locations that do not offer Pilates Reformer Classes) or a 10-minute Guided Power Plate Class at participating locations with Pilates. Some Red Light Method locations offer Pilates Reformer and some do not, this is based on the demographic of different areas and available real estate space. The studies on the Contour Light system only require 25-minutes of the Red Light Therapy Treatment and 10-minutes of Power Plate, so don’t despair if your local area offers just Pilates and Power Plate, because this is our primary service with proven results. Just 10 minutes on the Power Plate equates to a 30-minute workout, and a 25-minute class on the Power Plate=a 75-minute workout. The Power Plate maximizes muscle fiber activation threefold. The Power Plate aids in lymphatic system purification, expelling toxins released during your lymph Red Light Therapy Treatment. Clinical studies on our utilized Red Light System (The Contour Light) have confirmed its effectiveness when paired with 10 minutes on a vibration plate, aligning with scientific protocols. Whether you opt for passive standing or active workout sessions, tailor the intensity to your preference.

At Red Light Method, our 25-minute or 10-minute guided Power Plate classes promise transformative results for your body. Seamlessly integrate your Red Light Therapy Treatment, and group Power Plate classes, all within an hour, experiencing the full Red Light Method journey. Renowned for its superior vibration plate technology, the Power Plate stands as the pinnacle of its kind. The Classic Red Light Method Model is a 25-minute treatment and a 25-minnute Power Plate class!


Pilates Reformer Class


Step Three: Reformer Pilates Sessions are offered at participating locations.* Experience the transformative power of Pilates Reformer Classes at participating locations,* we are more than just a Pilates Studio! Strengthen your core and sculpt your body in just 25 minutes with our expert guidance. At Participating locations, Red Light Method Offers a 25-minute treatment, a 10-minute Power Plate session, and a 20-25 minute Pilates reformer session.

Join world-renowned Pilates instructor, Allison Beardsley, for a virtual Pilates session at Red Light Method. Embark on your Pilates journey with the best in the business. At Red Light Method, you’ll start from the basics and progress under Allison’s expert tutelage. Whether you’re a beginner in Pilates Reformer or a seasoned Pilates practitioner, our classes cater to all levels, ensuring you develop into a Pilates Studio pro.

Discover the importance of training your body’s slow-twitch muscles, particularly those in your core. With our method, you’ll learn to activate and strengthen these muscles effectively, leading to a balanced and toned physique that only Pilates can produce. Combine the benefits of Pilates Reformer, Power Plate, and Red Light Therapy for the ultimate fitness and wellness experience. Join us at Red Light Method and embark on a journey to a stronger, healthier you! Some Locations may offer just Red Light Therapy and Power Plate which is all you need, for select markets, the Pilates Reformer is included,** but this service is not our primary offering; just the cherry on top. Our primary service is the Red Light and Power Plate.**

Red Light Therapy Body Contouring + Power Plate
(Pilates Reformer Classes offered at Participating Locations*)


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Our Method

Discover the Red Light Method: It’s a rejuvenating fusion is like a massage, facial, body contouring treatment, and Pilates Reformer class all condensed into a single hour.

Experience the epitome of wellness with Red Light Therapy, Pilates, and Power Plate workouts. Achieve your peak physical condition with our intelligent approach yielding exceptional results, all at an unbeatable value. Prepare to embrace the advantages of the Red Light Method!

Each session begins with a 25-minute session of FDA-cleared Red Light Therapy, scientifically proven for body contouring, in a private treatment space. Then, invigorate yourself with the dynamic Power Plate Experience, followed by a personalized Pilates Reformer session led by the renowned instructor, Allison Beardsley. The Power Plate’s whole-body vibration technology ensures optimal fitness and transformation, while Pilates Reformer Classes enhance muscle tone and promote holistic body refinement.

Red Light Method stands out as the premier Boutique Fitness Studio globally, offering FDA-Cleared Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatments alongside Group Power Plate and Pilates Reformer classes. Start your journey towards a younger, healthier you today with Red Light Method!

We Need Light!
We Need Power Plate!

Experience the ultimate fusion of wellness at Red Light Method, where members indulge in a personalized medical-grade spa treatment alongside guided Power Plate classes (and Pilates sessions at participating locations*) – all compacted into just one hour. Life thrives on light; specifically, red and near-infrared light, which fortifies our cellular powerhouses, the mitochondria. The Power Plate efficiently mobilizes lymph and engages triple the muscle fibers which gives you a work out 3x as effective as any other workout. At Participating locations, that offer Pilates, Pilates fortifies our core, the epicenter of strength as defined by Joe Pilates. This trinity of rejuvenation offered at Red Light Method sets an unparalleled standard in the realm of boutique Fitness Studios.

Utilizing the Contour Light System, our Red Light Therapy stands as the sole scientifically validated body wrap method proven to reduce inches, revitalize skin, alleviate pain and inflammation, and enhance blood circulation. Red Light Therapy has a longstanding reputation for fostering tighter skin, bolstering collagen production, expediting muscle recovery, improving sleep quality, and more. At Red Light Method, the outcomes are reminiscent of a massage, facial, body sculpting session, and full-body workout, all condensed into a single hour. Illuminate your wellness journey and achieve peak fitness at Red Light Method.

Experience Red Light Method Today

Discover the transformative Red Light Method today! Reserve your complimentary session now and immerse yourself in our unique approach blending Red Light therapy body sculpting, Power Plate exercises (and Pilates Reformer at participating locations.) Unlike traditional studios or fitness centers, we offer a holistic wellness experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Experience a 25-minute session of Medical Grade Noninvasive Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatment followed by a dynamic and invigorating Group Power Plate exercise class (and maybe a Pilates Reformer Class… but don’t worry, you don’t need a Pilates class to glean the benefits of Red Light Method.) All are invited to embark on this journey with us. Let us guide you toward a brighter, healthier path!

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