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Red Light Method

Be in the Best Shape of Your Life; The Smartest Method with the Best Results

The Light Transforms Your Life


Come to the Light! Red Light Method offers the only medical grade FDA-cleared & proven body contouring wrap treatment with each appointment. The Light Transforms Your Life! We use the only Proven Red Light Therapy Wrap System in the World! These Treatments are normally $100+ per one 25 minute treatment in a medical or Med-Spa setting. Red Light Method is the 1st Boutique Fitness Spa to bring these healthy treatments to you with Group Power Plate Classes for as low as $7 per a Session. Live Younger and Look & Feel Your Best at Red Light Method.


Group Power
Plate Classes

At Red Light Method We are redefining results with technology. We offer Group Power Plate Classes at 5 minutes after the hour, and 35 minutes after the hour. That way you can do your Red Light Therapy Treatment, then jump right into a Group Class and be in and out with the full Red Light Method experience in an hour. The Power Plate is the best of the best in vibration plate technology. Clinical studies on the Red Light System we used proved efficacy when combined with 10 minutes on a vibration plate. At Red Light Method we provide 25 minute guided group Power Plate classes which are guaranteed to transform your body!

Love Your

Red Light Method is built on the biblical principle of loving our neighbor as ourself. We value of over-delivering on our services and undercharging so we provide you with the BEST LIFE VALUE possible in the boutique fitness industry. We WILL BLESS as many people as we possibly can with the proven and healing benefits of Red Light Therapy and Group Power Plate Classes! We are inspired to make these healthy & costly luxury services accessible so all people can live younger happier and healthier. Walk in The Light with Us!

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Our Method

Live Younger Look and Feel YOUR BEST! Be in the Best Shape of Your Life; The Smartest Method with the Best Results. You WILL Love the benefits of Red Light Method! All Sessions Begin with a 25-minute medical grade FDA-cleared and scientifically proven Red Light Therapy Body contouring Spa Treatment. Next, get moving with Red Light Method’s Power Plate Group Classes. Whole body vibration plate on a Power Plate is the ultimate in fitness and body transformation! Red Light Method is the FIRST and the ONLY Boutique Fitness Studio on planet Earth that Offers Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatments and Group Power Plate Classes. Start Living Younger Today!

We Need Light!
We Need Movement!

Life Requires Light, Red & Near Infrared Light Strengthens our mitochondria, or cellular Power House or battery of the Body. Red Light Therapy using the Contour Light System is the only scientifically proven Body Wrap to cause inches loss, reduced pain & inflammation, increased blood flow. Red Light Therapy has been used for years for tighter skin and increased collagen, muscle recovery, better sleep, and much much more! Come Get Lit and Get Fit at Red Light Method.

Experience Red Light Method Today

Book YOUR Complimentary Red Light Method experience TODAY! Experience Our METHOD and start to Live Younger! Enjoy a 25-minute Medical Grade Noninvasive & Healthy Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatment and a Group Power Plate class. All are welcome! We will show you the way and the LIGHT!
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