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All Other Fitness Concepts Work from the Outside In, & Red Light Method We Work From the Inside Out

The Mission at Red Light Method is to love our neighbors as ourselves; we do this by providing medical-grade red light treatments that generally cost hundreds of dollars for one single treatment for pennies on the dollar. We will help and serve our global community with the only medical grade and FDA-Cleared/Approved red light therapy device proven to cause inch loss, skin rejuvenation, reduced pain, and increased blood flow & circulation. We Also Provide Pilates Reformer & Power Plate Sessions. The Power Plate activates 3X the amount of muscle fibers than exercise alone. So a 10-minute workout on the Power plate equals 30 minutes not on the Power Plate. Our 25-minute Pilates Reformer Classes are taught digitally by the founder of Club Pilates, Allison Beardsley. Red Light Method will enable people to achieve their fitness goals because we work the body from the inside out, and because we offer the ultimate in fitness modalities with the combination of Red Light, Pilates and Power Plate.
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We envision a day when thousands of Red Light Method facilities cover the globe, and people worldwide can improve their health from the cellular level with FDA-Approved Red Light Therapy and Pilates Reformer & Power Plate

Red Light Method is built upon one simple value, and that is to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our business is firmly rooted and built upon the changeless truth of “loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving all others as we love ourselves.” This means that we will do our best to love and serve our members, business partners, franchisees, and employees. It is super important to do business and life for something bigger than just oneself, and at Red Light Method we do our best to embody those values. Be Blessed!