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Red Light Therapy and Power Plate and Pilates Reformer* (at participating locations) *= THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE


At Red Light Method, we understand that you may need a small footprint to open in your area due to rent rates, parking and other concerns. Because of this, we have different options to help keep your footprint small for Red Light Method.

Red Light Method Franchise Owners have the option of two Red Light Method variations to open depending on their area and available real estate. Our Primary offering is The Red Light Method Classic Studio, which incorporates our Red Light Therapy treatment and Power Plate Class.

Our Original location has 400 members in 20-months with just Red Lights and Power Plate Classes alone (as of May 2024). We are launching digitally taught reformer classes in June 2024 as an addition to our original location, but our original model is doing rocking it!

Depending on the franchise owners locations, and real estate costs, franchise owners can choose to open a Red Light Method with just the treatment rooms, and power Plate classes, or they can open with Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatments, Power Plate Classes and Digitally Taught Pilates Reformer Classes.


In a smaller footprint, We have the option of our Medical Grade Red Light Treatment for 25- Minutes + a 25-Minute digitally taught Power Plate Class. This franchise option is great in areas with less available real estate, where maybe only 1000-1400 sq ft is available.


In a larger footprint, of 2000-2500 sq ft. Red Light Method offers the Option of a 25-Minute Medical Grade Treatment + a 10-Minute Power Plate Class and a 20-Minute Pilates Reformer Class.

Our Main offering at Red Light Method is our red light therapy treatment, which typically costs $200-$400 for a single 25-minute treatment. Members can enjoy unlimited treatments for as low as $199/mo unlimited and this includes Power Plate Classes and Pilates Reformer Classes in Participating Locations.

Do you want to help your community?

Allison Beardsley, founder of Club Pilates, has launched a new franchise brand called Red Light Method. This brand focuses on red light therapy as a core component, offering a unique approach in the wellness industry. Inspired by her own experience with red light therapy during her Covid recovery, Beardsley combines red light therapy with Power Plate classes and Pilates Reformer sessions* (*in participating markets) to provide various health benefits, including weight loss, skin rejuvenation, pain reduction, and increased circulation.

Red Light Method utilizes the FDA-cleared Contour Light system for body contouring, which Beardsley found effective during her recovery from Covid. Despite initially intending to retire, Beardsley felt compelled to share the benefits of red light therapy with others, leading to the launch of Red Light Method in 2022.

The franchise’s holistic approach to both franchising and wellness sets it apart. Beardsley prioritizes empathy and fairness in her business model, offering significant value to franchisees and customers alike. She vows not to profit from franchise owners opening costs, so franchisees get her wholesale exclusive pricing and can get $500K worth of equipment for $250K. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, Red Light Method aims to change lives by making luxury services accessible to a wider audience.

The franchising program, launched in March 2024, has already attracted significant interest, with multiple territories signed up. Beardsley’s experience with Club Pilates informs her franchising strategy, allowing her to offer favorable terms to franchisees.

Beardsley’s commitment to supporting franchise owners is evident in her decision to provide equipment to franchise owners at a wholesale price and cover instructor payroll costs by teaching all sessions herself digitally. By fostering a supportive community of franchise owners, Red Light Method aims to thrive while positively impacting the lives of its members and franchisees.

Overall, Red Light Method represents an innovative approach to wellness franchising, driven by Beardsley’s vision and supported by a dedicated team. With a focus on cutting-edge treatments and customer-centric philosophy, the brand aims to provide holistic solutions for fitness and well-being.

Learn About the Amazing & Unique Franchise Culture of Red Light Method

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Franchise Inquiry

Franchise Inquiry

Why own a Red Light Method?


Our franchise model prioritizes our franchisees, ensuring they're never caught in the middle. We believe profiting from your investment to open is unfair. That's why we offer negotiated exclusive discounts, enabling you to acquire equipment worth $500,000 for under $250,000.


True financial freedom often stems from business ownership. We pass on franchisor discounts directly to you, without making any profit or receiving kickbacks from your equipment, software, or subscription purchases. Our goal is to extend these discounted rates straight to you, treating our franchise owners like cherished family members.


In all we do, we strive to honor God and serve others. The Red Light Method embodies a mission of assistance and service, regardless of religious affiliations. Serving others and pursuing a greater purpose is central to our business culture.


Valuing people over profits, we reject corporate and consumer labels, prioritizing genuine human connection. We simplify our business model so you can spend more time with your loved ones. At Red Light Method, our franchise owners and members are regarded as family, and we prioritize serving others above ourselves.


We advocate for an active, healthy lifestyle, and Red Light Method is dedicated to supporting this pursuit. Through a blend of Red Light Therapy, Pilates Reformer Classes, and Power Plate Fitness, we offer a holistic fitness experience.


Passion fuels productivity, and at Red Light Method, we understand the importance of enjoying what you do. With a focus on our Medical Grade Body Contouring Treatment as our primary offering, our founder delivers Pilates and Power Plate sessions digitally, reducing reliance on specialized instructors.


Working alongside like-minded individuals fosters a sense of community, belonging, and lifelong friendships. Red Light Method cultivates this community spirit, creating meaningful connections among franchise owners who share a common goal of serving their communities. We treat our franchise owners as cherished friends and family members.

Red Light Method franchises are available to qualified prospective franchisees only in certain states. Red Light Method will not offer or sell a franchise unless registered (or exempt) in the state where the prospective buyer resides or where the franchise will be located. This offer is not being directed to any resident of the following states, or any state, province, country or jurisdiction where Red Light Method is not currently registered to offer or sell, unless otherwise qualified or exempt:
  1. California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington;
  2. Connecticut, Louisiana

The information on this web site is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy a Red Light Method. An offer to buy a Red Light Method franchise is made by franchise disclosure document only.* Red Light Method is currently in the process of registering in California, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, and Connecticut.