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Medical Quality Red Light Therapy Treatments + Group Power Plate Classes for as low as $6 a visit on our Monthly Unlimited Membership

12-Month Commitment Memberships

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Rejuvenation Unlimited

Transform Your Body From The Inside Out

Most fitness memberships work the body from the outside with external forces. Red Light Method is more than a gym or fitness studio. We are the first ever tech-med-spa-fitness studio that Rejuvenates your body from the inside out by improving cellular health with the world’s only Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatment. No Matter Your fitness level, you can bask in the healing Red Lights for 25 minutes in a personal treatment room, followed by a high-tech 25-minute Power Plate Class. The Power Plate technology Triples the number of muscle fibers you activate, so 25 minutes on the Power Plate is equivalent to a regular 75-minute workout. So in just one hour, you will nourish you cells, reduce pain & inflammation, increase blood circulation, tighten and firm your skin, lose inches with noninvasive body contouring, get your exercise in and look and feel your best.

Imagine Your Future Self in 12-Months, What Do You Want?

Have You ever regularly done Red Light Therapy Medical Grade Body Contouring Wraps for 1 year combined with Power Plate Exercises? I am guessing you are saying No to this… No one is doing what Red Light Method does. Do you want to be in the same spot with your fitness & wellness in the next 12 months or be worse off than you are today? How do you plan to reach your goals and attain new heights of fitness and wellness? We Have GOOD NEWS for you, combining non-invasive Red Light Therapy Body Contouring treatments with the high-tech Power Plate is a game changer for restoring your health and celebrating a NEW YOU! Our members who have committed to 3 or more sessions each week for one year have lost 70+ pounds in a year, aged backwards, been accused of having facelifts, became pain free from arthritis and joint pain, alleviated autoimmune symptoms, improved energy mood, mental well-being, improved sleep quality, reversed macular degeneration (true story from one of our members), and toned up! You can keep going to a regular gym, beating your body up, and keep doing more and more exercise if you really want to. Or You can do the 365-Day Red Light Method Challenge and see for yourself how a minimum of 3 Treatments and 3 Power Plate classes each week will be the Ultimate Answer in Your Fitness & Wellness Journey.
…it is like a massage, a facial, body contouring
and a workout all in less than one hour…

All memberships continue month to month after the initial term and require 30 day email notice to before next billing to cancel. Treatments are pre-scheduled on our app. Sessions do not rollover. There is one time $49 enrollment fee.


3-Month Commitment Memberships

Same as 12-Month Commitment just 3-Month

A La Carte

Come to the Light!

Red Light Method Offers Affordable Monthly Membership Options. We are on a mission to make Red Light Therapy Body Contouring + Group Power Plate Classes Affordable so more people can Live Younger and Look and Feel Their BEST!
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Real Results

Watch Real Testimonials from Real Members who Share their Red Light Method Experience! Lose Inches, Heal Pain, Improve Circulation, Tighten Skin, Reduce Inflammation, Improve Energy, Sleep Better, Feel Better, Heal Your Health, Lift Weights, Change Body Composition, Be Happy, Improve Immune health, Boost Cellular Health