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Red Lite Gym offers FDA-cleared body contouring red light therapy treatments at our Bentonville-Rogers gym located in northwest Arkansas. Our red-light therapy body contouring procedure is a healthy and effective body contouring treatment. This non-invasive body sculpting experience tightens skin and improves cellular health!

A Revolutionary Body Contouring Gym “Red Light Method,”
with its first prototype location in Bentonville, Arkansas


A Revolutionary Body Contouring Gym “Red Light Method,” with its first prototype location in Bentonville, Arkansas

Members are wrapped in red light therapy body wraps which target slow to respond areas like the waist, thighs, back, and upper arms. Red Light Method’s body contouring procedure is relaxing, comfortable, and beneficial for cellular and immune health. At Red Light Method, we combine exercise and red-light therapy body sculpting to bring you actual significant weight loss that changes your body and helps eliminate fat and create lean muscle and bring back your youthful appearance and energy.

Body Contouring, Cosmetic Surgery, and a Healthy Diet: Red Light Method Northwest Arkansas Holistic Body Sculpting

While body contouring and cosmetic surgery can deliver lasting results, sustained weight loss requires a healthy diet plan or weight loss meal plan that is practiced regularly with discipline. We encourage Red Light Method members to practice a healthy lifestyle with a clean vegetable rich diet, 10,000 steps a day, weekly weight training, and regular red-light therapy.

Sustained Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle with Body Contouring Procedures

Massive weight loss is not a once-and-done event isolated in one point in time/space and history; rather, sustained weight loss is a result of a healthy diet meal plan, and lifestyle and exercise. Red light therapy body contouring turbocharges results of a healthy diet and strength training program. With maintained weight loss, it is important for us to understand that fat reduction takes time and is a result of the meal plans and choices we make.

A Healthy Diet for Permanent Body Contouring Results

People are different with regards to their ideal custom healthy diet; we encourage people to eat lots of fresh in-season organic veggies and to eat whole foods and not eat too much processed stuff. We know that people benefit and respond differently to different diets like the keto diet, the Atkins diet, a vegetarian or vegan diet, a low carb diet, intermittent fasting, low calorie or low-fat diet, or any other approach at mindful food consumption. Understanding fat reduction for weight loss is the first step towards a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle for contouring or body sculpting to be effective.

Affordable Body Contouring and Weight Loss Gym in the Rogers and Bentonville area of Northwest Arkansas

At Red Light Method we believe in gently releasing fat cells (not destroying fat cells) with red light therapy body contouring or body sculpting while also actively changing our body composition through healthy lifestyle practices like weight training and exercise. We believe that we as human beings are either getting healthier or getting less healthy. Permanent weight loss only happens with permanent healthy lifestyle changes.
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Body Contouring Procedures: Coolsculpting & Lipo vs. Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting in Bentonville Arkansas

When researching body contouring or body sculpting procedures, it is important to weigh risks and rewards. Body contouring is most effective when the whole body is sculpted and strengthened and a healthy diet is followed. By combining a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet with red light therapy body contouring, we can see amazing results turbocharged! Unlike potentially damaging and painful treatments like CoolSculpting, and Lipo; Red Light Method uses noninvasive and clinically proven Red Light Therapy Body Contouring wraps. Red Light Method is the “long-game noninvasive approach” to traditional surgical and medical body contouring and aesthetics techniques.
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Weight Loss & Aesthetics Surgery in Northwest Arkansas & Red Light Method and the “Long Game”

Not only does Red Light Therapy provide natural results for weight loss, but it is also proven to tighten excess skin resulting in smoother skin without Botox, fillers, or surgeries. Weight loss and aesthetic surgeries like a tummy tuck, lipo, thigh lift, or arm lift etc., all utilize general anesthesia, plastic surgeons, a surgical area, incision site etc., these medical weight loss and contouring procedures are effective, but they come with high costs, risks, scars, and recovery time.

Red Light Method Is an Alternative to Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Good news, at Red Light Method in the Rogers and Bentonville area of northwest Arkansas, locals can benefit people whether they opt in or out of surgery with a membership at Red Light Method. Locals in northwest Arkansas can now choose to “play the long game” and make regular body sculpting and weight training a lifestyle at Red Light Method. The body contouring procedure and method at Red Light Method is a natural body lift, combining a relaxing and natural body contouring treatment with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
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Holistic and Natural Body Contouring in Rogers/Bentonville Arkansas

Red Light Therapy is a healthy and noninvasive alternative to potentially cellular damaging body contouring procedures. We use Contour Light, which is the only FDA-Cleared red light therapy body wrap device in the U.S. The only side effects of red-light therapy body sculpting treatments are more energy, improved health, better sleep, tighter skin, increased blood flow, and reduced pain. Combined with exercise, Red Light Method provides the most holistic body contouring option on the market! Even liposuction and surgery are temporary in lasting results if lifestyle changes like diet and exercise are not implemented and maintained.

Weight Loss and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Procedures and Red Light Method’s Holistic Body Contouring Approach

People wanting to lose weight and excess fat often undergo aesthetic plastic surgery, or they look for noninvasive body contouring alternatives like red light therapy. Even more people do both, they choose to do the plastic surgery and protect their investment and get a personal trainer and do regular red-light therapy and exercise at Red Light Method. In this kind of procedure, fat cells and extra skin are surgically removed as part of a major weight loss surgery. These aesthetic weight loss procedures can work; however, all doctors will still advise their patients to eat healthier and improve their physical fitness with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss Procedures in Northwest Arkansas

Bariatric surgery is another invasive and surgical method of losing weight, which involves removing part of the gastric sleeve. Though most patients can achieve their ideal weight with the help of a plastic surgeon, the recovery process is quite complicated and red-light therapy body sculpting helps cosmetic surgery weight loss patients heal their incision site and tighten sagging skin. Regular Red Light Method attendance is a preventative health and maintenance plan and supports the long-term benefits of bariatric and weight loss procedures and surgeries. A regular membership at Red Light Method can also help prevent the need for bariatric surgery and other invasive weight loss procedures.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Options, Coolsculpting, Red Light Therapy Skin Tightening

Body contouring procedures, like CoolSculpting can have adverse side effects on the body like numbness, and even permanent nerve damage. Body contouring can be healthy, if you want to remove fat, especially stubborn pockets in the lower abdomen, you can be more natural and eat less, exercise more, and do regular red light therapy body sculpting sessions which enhance cellular health and support weight loss goals. If you are looking for a totally healthy, natural and noninvasive option for body contouring or body sculpting, look no further than Red Light Method in the Bentonville and Rogers Arkansas area.
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Affordable Body Contouring and Weight Loss Center in the Rogers and Bentonville area of Northwest Arkansas

If you’re one of those seeking significant change in weight loss and want to remove excess fat in the upper arms and outer thighs, and stubborn fat pockets, Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting plus gentle fitness at Red Light Method in northwest Arkansas is the most effective solution. Sometimes we need more than just exercise and a healthy diet to remove stubborn fat areas on the body, and that is where the team at Red Light Method is ready to serve you!
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Body Contouring or Body Sculpting in the Rogers-Bentonville Arkansas Area

Red Light Therapy is a holistic alternative to immune health and body contouring. Combined with exercise, Red Light Method provides a full body contouring system that will leave you healthier, stronger, and sculpted from the inside out.

Remove Excess Fat with Our Nonsurgical Body Sculpting at Red Light Method